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Zunyite 5.00 ct.



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Zunyite  5.00 ct.

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named for it’s discovery site the Zuni mine in the Silverton district,San Juan County, Colorado.

Zuni is also a name for and indian tribe who lives in Arizona and Colorado.

It’s a sorosilicate with formula Al13Si5O20(OH,F)18Cl,  and hardness of 7.Occurs in highly aluminous shales as clusters of tiny crystals arranged in a random orders;the average size is 2-3 mm. Therefore you can see in every stone several crystal embedded in their matrix.

It react at short UV wave with a weak to medium red-purple color and is known only in the mineral collector field,never been faceted before.

This stone comes from the Big Bertha Mine,Yuma County,Arizona and is not treated.

Size:12x12x6.1 mm.

Weight:5.00 ct.