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Wiluite 1.87 ct.



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Wiluite 1.87 ct.

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is a rare form of Vesuvianite containing boron in it's chemical structure.The formula is Ca19(Al,Mg,Fe,Ti)13(B,Al,[ ])5Si18O68(O,OH)10 and hardness of 6.

A quite recent discovered mineral: It was discovered in the 1990s and named for the Wilui River region, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia.

Viluite was introduced as a mineral name twice. Von Leonhard used it for a mineral that was considered the same as vesuvianite. However, that material was recently shown to be rich in boron and thus different from vesuvianite. In 1998 that material was named Wiluite. The other author to introduce viluite was Severgin, who used it in reference to what is widely known as grossular, a member of the garnet group..( FROM WIKIPEDIA).

Size:9x6.4x4 mm.

Weight:1.87 ct.