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Warring states agate 77.63 ct.



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Warring states agate  77.63 ct.

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Warring states agate

the origin of this name is because it resembles a material found in Zhanguo Warring States tombs from the period 475-221 BC. 

The location seems controverial issue because some authors write that is from Yi Liangshan south of Sichuan Province , others from Liaoning province , both in China. Therefore I am not sure, maybe nobody want

to discover the real location.

However the material is very similar to the Xuanhua type , and occur in small nodules.The predominant colors are red,orange and yellow with often quartz druzy in the central portion.

Natural, untreated.

Size: 47.8x43.4x4.5 mm

Weight: 77.63 ct.



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