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Verde d’Arno 78.62 ct.



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Verde d’Arno 78.62 ct.

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Verde d’Arno, also called "Lineato d’Arno", is a Pietra Paesina variety that is found only new Firenze or along the Arno river as pebbles. Is known since centuries and is made of micro-crystalline calcite,silicepus clay,iron-manganese oxide,and magnesium carbonate. The color is due to oxide infiltration,ofetne altered by the sun producing the lines and various patterns.These patterns seems to be caused by thin fractures due to some earthquake movements while the material was in state of hardening. Those fractures are healed and omogeneous.This is one theory; onether theory describe this feature of thin calcite veins,,dissolved and then filled by oxide .Anyway, the color is normally within 1/3 of the entire nodule,the center is alway plain.The "crust" is brownish and inside more greenish,surely due to the weather alteration. The hardness is 3-4. Size:49.5x36.1x5.4 mm. Weight:78.62 ct. CODE#2990

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