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Tugtupite 2.27 ct.



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Tugtupite 2.27 ct.

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is a Beryllium Aluminium tectosilicate with formula Na4ALBeSi4O12 and hardness of 6.

Is a rare mineral discovered in the 1957 on the Narsaq peninsula in the Limmaasaq intrusion,in Greenland. Has been also found in Kola peninsula ( Russia) and Mt. St. Hilaire in Canada.Until today the best colored material comes from Greenland and is quite scarse.

It’s red-crimson color is unique,similar to the rhodonite tone and is strongly fluorescent at UV light, beside it’s fluorescence is also tenebrescent and if kept in the dark may loose a bit of color,but when exposed at the sun it will recover it’s bright color.

Size:11x9x5.5 mm.

Weight:2.27 ct.



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