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Triplite oval ct.0.10



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Triplite oval ct.0.10

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Triplite is a rare fluoro-hydroxide phosphate mineral that forms in phosphate rich granitic pegmatites and high temperature hydrothermal veins. With formula (Mn,Fe2+)2(PO4)(F,OH), calcium and magnesium commonly substitute in the divalent cation site. In color and appearance, it is very similar to rhodocrosite, another manganese bearing mineral. Chemically, it is also quite similar to triploidite the difference being that triplite is F dominant while triploidite is OH dominant Triplite is quite rare and difficult to facet do to its brittleness and cleavage. Only a few cut stones have been reported and all of them are from the Shigar Valley in Pakistan. The hardness is 5-5.5. This stone is quite clean and with a nice intense orange-peach color. From Pakistan. Size:3.1x2.3x1.4 mm. Weight:0.10 ct. CODE#1269

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