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Tiffany stone pair ct.17.32



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Tiffany stone pair ct.17.32

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Tiffany Stone-pair- This is the commercial name given to a rock composed of opal,fluorite,bertrandite,chalcedony and calcite plus some iron and manganese infiltrations.Other names has been given without success like: Opal Spor Mountain,Betrandite, beryllium –opalite,Ice Cream Fluorite,and others… but Tiffany Stone is definitely accepted . It is found in the rhiolitic beryllium tuff of the Spor Mountain,Utah, where it is mined for the Berillium. Well know by jewelers and collectors, it’s patterns are really unique. The hardness vary from 4 to 6 .In this piece there is a little nick on the back. Size:24.4x13x3 mm. Weight:17.32 ct. CODE#1023

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