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Strawberry quartz 5.19 ct.



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50,00 €

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Strawberry quartz 5.19 ct.

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Strawberry quartz

is a trade name of a type of quartz with hematite inclusions.Often is a pale amethyst or partial clear quartz/ amethyst with phantoms, intergrowth quartz crystals and various spray of hematite plates or radial elongated pseudo needles,sometimes they also looks like ferns or organic moss filaments .

All these combination of inclusions create an intricate natural work of art! Is very similar to fire quartz, in fact is the same material ,the only difference is the pattern: here is more mixed up ,while in the fire quartz is more parallel ,red with black top.

From Madagascar:

Size:12.1x10.5x7.4 mm.

Weight:5.19 ct.



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