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Pink star sapphire 4.06 ct.



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Pink star sapphire 4.06 ct.

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Star sapphire

a corundum variety that exhibit a fenomenal effect called asterism. A star,generally of siz rays,but rarely of four and 12 ( in case of gemination ) is seen when the strong beam of light heat the domed surface of the stone.

The cause of this effect is due to tiny needles crossed at 60° degrees withing the stone.The needle ( called silk) are rutile and they reflect the light like a star.The stone has to be cut with the table perpendicular to the C-axis and domed with a medium degree.

This stone here come from Sry Lanka and it has a ple pink color with uneven bottom ( as in most of the stones cut in Sry Lanka...).Untreated.

Size:10.5x7.2x5.8 mm.

Weight:4.06 ct.


OriginSry Lanka

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