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Sodalite 2.31.ct.



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50,00 €

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Sodalite  2.31.ct.

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is a Sodium Aluminum silicate +sodium chloride with general formula Na 8(Al 6Si 6O 24)Cl 2 and hardness of 5.5-6. In this case it contain a minor quantity of K.

Is a very common mineral in it's opaque form,but become rare when is translucent or transparent.It can be of various colors: from white to grey,pink,brown,blue,purple and colorless..When is transparent the crystals are usually very small. A tenebrescent variety is called Hackmanite.

Is fluorescent at short wave.

This piece comes from Pakistan

Size:8.1x8x5.8 mm.

Weight: 2.31 ct.



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