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Blue Sapphire 1.85 ct.



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Zaffiro blu 1.85 ct.

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one of most known precious stones that is sought after from every gem lovers,either collectors, investors jewellers or women.

Is an aluminum oxide with formula Al2O3 and hardness of 9.

In it's pure form is colorless,but when impurity occur such as titanium and iron ( predominant ) it reach a beautiful blue color .Other element may be present in small quantities such as magnesium,chromium and copper.Sapphire can be found in almost any colors and only for the red is named ruby; the other colored stones are always referred as sapphires ( yellow sapphire,green sapphire etc.)

The most important gems deposit of sapphire are exausted ,but new mines has been discovered in the last decades. Thai mines are gone,in some mine areas they bild up golf fields.Also the price for a good quality stone has increased ,and at the same time lots of new treatments are creating confusiong in the market . Heating process is accepted as a method to increas the clarity and color of a stones. Other methods instead, are trasforming a colorless stone into a nice blue color, such as deep diffusion or beryllium treatment that is even deeper into the stone,while the old diffusion treatment was only on the sirface of the stones, the beryllium treatment goes very deep and the stone can be re cut without loosing color.As long as these treatment are disclosed is fine, the problem arise when soem dealers only says that the stone is just “heated”.

The gem here comes from Sry Lanka and is light blue with typical color zoning.Old material. Heated.

Size:7.8x5.6x4.5 mm.

Weigth:1.85 ct.


OriginSry Lanka

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