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Quartz with ajoite 1.71 ct.



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Qurtz with ajoite 1.71 ct.

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Quartz + ajoite.

This beautiful and rare mineral is an Hydrated Potassium Sodium Copper Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide with formula: (K, Na)Cu7Al(Si3O8) 3(OH)6 - 3H2O and hardness of 3.5.

Named after it’s discovery in Ajo District of Pima County,Arizona. Today the best specimens comes from Messina District,South Africa,like this gem here. The blue -green color of the ajoite looks like tufts or feathers and makes this gem one of the most desirable for the inclusions lowers.

Note: on the surface there are some very small natural cavities due to tiny hollows tube inside the quartz.

Size:9.7x7.1x4.4 mm.

Weight:1.71 ct.