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Quartz with ankangite-celsiana ct.10.80



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Quartz with ankangite-celsiana ct.10.80

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Quartz with Ankangite + Celsiana This rare quartz has been presented at the Tucson gem fair in the 2008 as “ Mistery quartz” because the inclusions were still unidentified. Further analysis proved that these black needles were Ankangite ,a multiple oxide of Barium, Titanium, Chromium and Vanadium with formula : : Ba(Ti,V3+,Cr3+)8016 and hardness of 6.5. The prismatic white crystals instead are Celsiana, a silicate of Barium and Aluminium with formula :BaAl2Si208. This new find from Brazil will make surely happy many collectors and gemologist! Size: 17x11.4x8 mm. Weight: 10.80 ct. CODE# 1885

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