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“Trapiche” quartz with clinochlorite 7.77 ct.



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“Trapiche” quartz with clinochlorite 7.77 ct.

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“Trapiche” quartz with clinochlorite

A new type of quartz containing a skeletal formation of Clinochlore or Clinoclorite with a pseudo hexagonal shape that looks much like a trapiche. The Clinochlorite is a phyllosilicates with formula (Mg Fe2+)5Al[(OH)8AlSi3O10]

More information may be found on internet regarding this mineral.

The color appear green to green-blue with radial concentrically fibers often very close to the crystal surface of quartz.

The mining location is not know at the moment, just from Brazil.

Size: 12.2x11.8x7.5 mm.

Weight: 7.77 ct.



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