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Potassic ferro cloro sadanagaite 3.15 ct.



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Potassic ferro cloro sadanagaite  3.15 ct.

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  Potassic-ferro-chloro sadanagaite

Is one of the many amphibole minerals discovered in Japan in the island of Yuge.Is rich in potassium and iron .The formula is KCa2(Fe2+3Al2)(Si5Al3)O22(OH)2 and hardness of 6.

Associated in minor parts are Edenite,Ferro-Pargasite,Ilmenite,Marialie.

It comes from Ovrevatnet,Nuskfjord,Flakstadoya,Lofonten Island,Nordland-Norway.

Size:7.2x9.2x4.6 mm.

Weight:3.15 ct.



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