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Plumbogummite 1.57 ct.



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Plumbogummite  1.57 ct.

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Is a hydrated phospate of lead and aluminium with formula PbAl3(PO4)2(OH)5•(H2O) and hardness of 4-5.

It is found in various colors such as white,gray,yellow,blue,greenish and brown.In 2014 it appear on the marked a nice material from China :stalactites/stalagmites covering yellow pyromorphite.The thickness of plumbogummite is usually very thin,hence the size of facetted stones are small.Always translucent to semi-transparent.The stones shows some growing fractures and small cavities,but this is it...Surely a nice addition to any collection!

From the Laohu,Guilin Prefeture,Guanxi Zhuang A.R. China

Size:8.1x6.1x3.5 mm.

Weight:1.57 ct.



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