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Phosphophyllite 0.93 ct.



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500,00 €

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Phosphophyllite 0.93 ct.

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Is a rare mineral, a Hydrated Zinc Iron Manganese Phosphate with formula Zn2(Fe, Mn)(PO4)2 – 4H2O and hardness of 3.3.5

Is considered one of the rarest gem in the world and is highly prized as mineral or cut gem.It's easy cleavege make it difficult to cut and clean stones are seldom seen in the market.

The best material comes from the Unificada Mine,Cerro Rico,Potosì City,Potosì Department, Bolivia.Unusual bluish color.

Small inclusions.

Size:9x5.2x2.5 mm.

Weigth:0.93 ct.