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Parisite 1.55 ct.



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Parisite 1.55 ct.

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a rare earth mineral of Calcium,Cerium,Lanthanum,Neodymium,Carbonate Fluoride with general formula Ca(Ce, La, Nd)2(CO3)3F2 and hardness of 4.5, with vitreous ,resinous luster.

Actually there are two member of the same family this is the most common one with formula Ca(Ce, La)2(CO3)3F2,the other one is Parisite-(Nd).

This rare earth mineral sometimes is facet,but is never clean, often heavily included.

This gem here comes from Colombia and it has a good color change.

Size:7x5.3x3.7 mm.

Weight:1.55 ct.