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Pallasite peridot 0.19 ct.



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Pallasite peridot 0.19 ct.

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Pallasite peridot

one of rarest meteorite found on earth is the pallasite.An iron-nickel meteorite that contain gem olivine.The crystals are always very small and heavily included with many fractures.Nevertheless is possible to obtaing gems usually lover than 1 ct,higly prized by collectors.

A question comes in mind immediately: how to separate an extraterrestrial gem from a earth mined peridot? A pallasite has unique inclusions ,not found in the earth material.See the article : IDENTIFICATION OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL PERIDOT BY TRACE ELEMENTS

Andy H. Shen, John I. Koivula, and James E. Shigley .-

This gem has been cut from the famous Esquel Pallasite meteorite.a main group pallasite. See Wikipedia:

The Meteoritical Bulletin no. 29 (1964) reports a main mass of "about 1500 kg".[1] However O. A. Turone claimed a main mass weight of 755 kilograms (1,664 lb).[3] Robert Haag, the buyer of the main mass, reported a weight of 680 kilograms (1,500 lb).[4] Almost all of the Esquel ever found on the market is cut from his piece.

It is one of the most beautiful meteorites ever found so it is also one of the most desirable pallasites among meteorite collectors.
Composition: 8.5% Ni, 21.5 ppm Ga, 55.5 ppm Ge, 0.023 ppm Ir
Coordinates:42°54′S 71°20′W
From Esquel,Chubut,Argentina.

In this rare gem we can see at microscope ,or also at the loupe some dislocation iridescent needles, a typical feature of the extraterrestrial gems.

The stone is well cut, eye clean with good brillancy; a must for serious collector!

Size:3.19x3.06x2.35 mm.

Weight:0.19 ct.