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Native silver 87.10 ct.



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Native silver 87.10 ct.

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Native silver is one of the native elements who has been haunted for centuries, mostly collected in slabs or specimens; sometimes forms dendrites or arborescent figures. In this case it was embedded in a matrix,thec ontent of silver is very high: around 70% with minor parts of Cobaltite ,and silver arsenide minerals like Skutterudite and Safflorite. The hardness is 2.5-3. This material come from the famous O’Brien Mine,Cobalt area, Ontario, Canada. This place has been producing the richest silver ore in the past, now there is no more moning activity and only some collectors may find some chunks using metal detectors. The stone has not being treated and it has a metallic mat luster.It also shows dendritic pattern! Size: 35x35x4.5 mm. Weight:87.10 ct. CODE#2598

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