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Moonstone pair 19.50 ct.



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Moonstone pair 19.50 ct.

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is a general trade name for a gem material related to the feldspar group. Either an albite or adularia or labradorite ,when ever they shows a cat’s eye effect,all this minerals are called "moonstone". The classic moonstone is a combination of albite and orthoclase with formula KalSi308 a potassium aluminum silicate with hardness of 6. Nevertheless there is a variation in composition and is quite difficult to separate one gem from another unless we perfom a special analysis with advanced instrument. The gem here is the classic example of white moonstone with a good cat’s eye ( we can see moonstone of many colors,but the white remain the best for the cat’s eye lovers) Origin: India Size: 12.5x12.5x8.5 mm. Weight: total 19.50 ct. CODE#2515

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