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Monazite 2.50 ct.



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Monazite 2.50 ct.

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Monazite is actually three different minerals technically, but because of a lack of great differences between them they are referred to as one mineral, monazite. The three monazites have differences in the percentages of their chemical makeup and these differences are reflected in their respective names. NAME: FORMULA: MONAZITE-(Ce) (Ce, La, Nd, Th, Y)PO4 MONAZITE-(La) (La, Ce, Nd)PO4 MONAZITE-(Nd) (Nd, La, Ce)PO4 Monazite is a primary ore of several rare earth metals most notably thorium, cerium and lanthanum. All these metals have various industrial uses and are considered quite valuable. Thorium is a highly radioactive metal and could be used as a replacement for uranium in nuclear power generation. Monazite therefore is an extremely important ore mineral. Monazite is radioactive, sometimes highly radioactive, and specimens are often metamict. This is a condition found in radioactive minerals and results from the destructive effects of its own radiation on its crystal lattice. The effect can destroy a crystal lattice completely while leaving the outward appearance of the crystal unchanged. Increased metamictation will increase the perfection of the specimens conchoidal fracture. The radioactivity of monazite has been used as an aid in radioactive dating. Rarely found in cut gems, definetely is a collectors item. The hardness is 5-5.5. This stone when seen against the light is dark red-orange and is transparent with sevreal inclusions.A large size for this rare material. From Madagascar. Size:9.8x7.2x4.6 mm. Weight: 2.50 ct. CODE#3187

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