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MIzzonite 1.24 ct.



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MIzzonite  1.24 ct.

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Controversial name for a mineral that belong to the scapolite group.

From Webster dictonary:

“a mineral of the scapolite group intermediate between meionite and marialite and containing 54 to 57 percent of silica; specifically :  a volcanic mizzonite occurring in clear crystals.

Marialite ,(today Mizzonite seems to be an obsolete name )”

Is a silicate mineral (A Sodium aluminum chloro-silicate) with a chemical composition of Na4Al3Si9O24C if a pure endmember or Na4(AlSi3O8) 3(Cl2,CO3,SO4) –-with increasing meionite content. Marialite is a member of the scapolite group and a solid solution exists between marialite and meionite, the calcium endmember] It is a rare mineral usually used as a collector's stone. The hardness is 5.5-6.

This material ,cut from elongate clear crystals comes from Dading, Nepal; a mine that is no longer active. Eye clean. Weak pink-red reaction at short wave UV light.

Size:9.2x5.4x3.8 mm.

Weight:1.24 ct.