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Muonionalusta meteorite 11.98 ct.



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Muonionalusta meteorite 11.98 ct.

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Classified as fine octahedrite class IV A it was find near the village of Kitkiöjärvi -Norrbotten,North Sweden in the 1906 . Some test has proved the presence of Nickel around 8%,Gallium 2,24 ppm ,Germanium 0.133 ppm and Iridium 1.6 ppm. Occasionally small imclusions of Troilite. This type of meteorite in unstable and tend to get rusty, therefore has been applied a clear acrilic warnish. Must be kept in dry conditions. Size:9.5x9.5x7.2 mm. Weight:11.98 ct. CODE#3115

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