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Maw sit-sit ct.50.50



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Maw sit-sit ct.50.50

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Maw sit-sit An interesting rare stone composed of variuos minerals: ureyte, a sodium pyroxene ( NaCrSi2O6) where chromium(Cr) replaces aluminium(Al) in the chemical composition.Today this mineral is called kosmochlor ,( means green from the space).In addition to this there are 6 main other components: chromite,chrome jadeite,chrome amphibole,symplectite,chrome ackermanite,serpentine and the white minerasl:albite ,zeolithes. The hardness is around 6 ,but due to the difference of all these minerals, the polishing is not easy. It is found only in one area in the world: a famous jade mining region of Tawmaw ,northwest Burma near the village of Namshamaw. Size: 26.2x17.3x13.4 mm. Weight: 50.50 ct. CODE#2352

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