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Lizard stone 32.81 ct.



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35,00 €

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Lizard stone  32.81 ct.

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 Lizard stone

is a trade new name for a lemon magnesite-lizardite.

This is a new stone from China that has been tested with IR reflectance spectroscopy:

the overall spectrum shows we have a carbonate, is it calcite, magnesite, siderite? I would prefer magnesite with siderite (they are often mixed) because the cab has a weak magnetic succeptibility, thus it contains at least one of Fe, Mn, Ni (that is compatible with siderite and gaspeite). There are features in the spectrum that matches the lizardite spectrum. So, it's possibly a magnesite issued from carbonation of lizardite.( from the contribution of Thierry Cathelineau )

Untreated and polished on both side.

Size:29x29x4 mm.

Weight:32.81 ct.



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