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Libyan glass ct.11.20



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Libyan glass ct.11.20

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Libyan glassClassified as tektite or impactite his origin is still under study. Now is seems that has been discovered the major crater at the centre of the richest area of Libyan glass: Kebir Crater ,coordinates: 24°40'23.66"N, 24°57'32.03"E 20 times bigger than Meteor Crater in Arizona. The Libyan glass is found either in Libya and Egypt , mostly in the sea sand dunes and has been used since Paleolithic period, also in the Egyptians tombs some artifacts were found carved in this material. Here we have gems with inclusions of cristobalites with tridymite traces ( analysis performed by Raman spectroscopy). This is a prove that an high temperature occurred at a certain moment in order to create these types of silica forms. The Libyan glass contain up to 98% of silica, a percentage higher than any other volcanic natural glasses. Size:16.5x11.9x8.7 mm. Weight: 11.20 ct. CODE#2212

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