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Lazulite ct.84.19



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Lazulite ct.84.19

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Lazulite is a relatively rare mineral that gets easily confused with other, more well known, minerals. Not only does it sound like the silicate mineral lazurite, it looks like it too! Well, at least it has very similar color to lazulite as well as the carbonate, azurite.The beautiful azure-blue color that is seen in all three of these minerals makes them very desirable as ornamental stones. Azurite is reactive to acids and lazurite forms infrequent and different crystals than lazulite. Lazulite is in a solid solution series with the mineral scorzalite. A solid solution series is a set of two or more minerals that have a couple of elements that substitute freely for each other. The lazulite-scorzalite series ranges from the magnesium rich lazulite to the iron rich scorzalite. The rarer scorzalite does not differ appreciably, except that it tends to be darker, less transparent and denser than lazulite. Hardness is 5.5-6 This specimen comes from Rapid Creek area in the Yukon Territory, Canada; now this area is closed and is very far from civilization. Size.49x43.5x8 mm. Weight:84.19 ct. CODE# 1270