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Hypersthene 84.96 ct.



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Hypersthene 84.96 ct.

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is a Magnesium Iron Silicate with formula (Mg, Fe)SiO3 and hardness of 5-6.

Is a controversial name not well accepted by the scientist: see the Mindat:

Unnecessary name for member of Enstatite-Ferrosilite series; name discredited by the CNMMN Pyroxene Subcommittee (1988).
Regarded as a synonym of Enstatite or Ferrosilite, but commonly regarded as a mid-way member between these two end-members. Most "Hypersthene" is ferroan enstatite.

But, again ain order for th consumer to understand what we are talking about we can still call hypersthene.

Is a common ornamental stones with a nice interesting luster and optical effect. Hand polished on both side.

It comes from Labrador, Canada.

Size:38x23x9 mm.

Weight: 84.96 ct.



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