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Hemimorphite druzy ct. 76.53



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Hemimorphite druzy ct. 76.53

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Hemimorphite Is an Hydrated Zinc Silicate Hydroxide with formula Zn4 Si2 O7 (OH)2 -H2O and hardness 5. In the past it was known as Calamina, but now this name is no longer in use. It occur in several colors such as yellow, brown,white, colorless and green or blue green. The most popular and attractive is the blue hemimorphite, recently China produced good sample of this mineral. Instead this gem here comes from Brazil and the color is deep blue, more intense than chinese material. This color is due to copper traces,sometimes associated with iron. Natural druzy untreated,back is flat matte polished. Size:32.6x30.2x11 mm. Weight:76.53 ct. CODE# 2130


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