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Hardystonite 9.56 ct.



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Hardystonite 9.56 ct.

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Hardystonite Is a rare Calcium ,Zinc Silicate with formula Ca2ZnSi2O7 and hardness 3-4 This mineral is well known to collectors of fluorescent minerals from Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey.This fluorescent color is in striking contrast to the normal color of hardystonite. Fluorescence occurs when the ultraviolet light (invisible to humans) imparts energy to some of the atoms in the mineral. This energy is converted by the atom into visible light that we can then see. Hardystonite is usually a dull, unattractive white, but under short-wave UV light it really impresses! Associate mineral is franklinite black and willemite green. Size:13x13x7.2 mm. Weight.9.56 ct. CODE#2615
OriginNew York