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Blue Halite 8.74 ct.



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Blue Halite 8.74 ct.

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halite is a natural salt with formula NaCl and hardness of 2-2.5. It occur in various color,but the most attractive and rare is blue or purple from the potash mines in The Delaware Basin in southeastern New Mexico. Coloration of the halite varies from brown to amber, dark blue to light blue, and violet, but the cause of the coloration is not clear. One theory is crystallographic defects. F-center crystallographic defects allow a vacancy to absorb light in the visible spectrum which may cause the color change. It has also been suggested that radiation from potassium-40 can result in excess free sodium metal in the mineral. Colloidal gold has been found in higher concentrations which could also be the cause of the blue coloration.See this link: A very difficult stone to cut and polish due to it’s low hardness and water soluble.This piece has been cut by Luigi Mariani, a specialist well known for its superior polish,nevertheless the surface of the stone has a fair polish and has been coated with vaselin oil in order to prevent any deterioration.Keep it in a dry enviroment and sealed. Size:14.8x11.2x9.5 mm. Weight:8.74 ct. CODE#2967