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Gold + Silver telluride ore 2.28 ct.



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Gold + Silver telluride ore 2.28 ct.

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Gold + Silver telluride ore

This material comes from a part of a collection that was discovered in Clear Creek County, Colorado, located in the center of the Colorado mineral belt.  It was found above 10,000 feet in elevation in an historic mining district near two high producing gold and silver mines.  Each piece in this collection contains varying amounts of minerals, but samples generally contain different amounts and combinations of gold, iridium, pyrargyrite (ruby silver), telluride minerals (native tellurium and a combination of tellurium with other elements), pyrite, chalcopyrite, arsenian pyrite, sphalerite, galena, bournite, fluorite, copper, quartz, and other sulfide minerals.  XRF Analysis was performed on 12 randomly selected specimens.  The results were promising.  Gold numbers ranged from 0.662% to 3.36% Gold.  Iridium numbers were even more impressive ranging from 1.75% to 30.65% Iridium, with the majority of specimens over 8% Iridium.  Zinc topped out at 34.47% and Copper 35.52%, while the highest Silver count was 1.0%.  One specimen also detected 0.177% Rhodium.  XRF Analysis was also performed on 3 pyrite cubes broken off of the original specimens and their results were equally impressive testing 4.45% - 10.32% Gold.  Pictures of the first specimen and its analysis are attached.  . Three additional samples from this collection were randomly selected for a trace chemical assay, which is attached.  The results were very high mineral content across the board, and the silver and tellurium content were especially high, with silver content of 150 to 1000 ounces per ton.  This type of assay does not give quantitative measurements for gold content or platinum group elements, but the high silver and tellurium content, combined with the other minerals, are indicative of high-grade gold and silver ore.  Early testing clearly reveals pieces in this collection are loaded with minerals and extremely rare.  This specimen is a great piece of Colorado history for those who are mineral specimen collectors and has all of the indicators for those who are more interested in processing materials for precious metals.  

Size:8.3x6.5x4.9 mm.

Weight:2.28 ct.