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Ferro-pargasite 0.79 ct.



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Ferro-pargasite  0.79 ct.

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Is a black pargasite with formula {Na}{Ca2}{Fe2+4Al}(Al2Si6O22)(OH)2 and hardness of 5-6.

Ferro-Pargasite is defined as a pargasite group member with the following dominant elements:
A position: Na
C position: Fe as the dominant divalent cation and Al as the dominant trivalent cation.
W position: (OH) as the dominant anion.

It comes from Minas de La Cala,

La Cala, Huelva, Andalucía, Spain.

Size: 5.5x5.4x3.6 mm.

Weight: 0.79 ct.



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