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Ferri-fluoro-leakeite 1.71 ct.



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Ferri-fluoro-leakeite  1.71 ct.

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The iron-fluoro-leakeite is a mineral, an amphibole belonging to the subgroup of amphibole sodium

It was discovered during tests on another new mineral species, the cámaraite on samples collected in the field Verkhnee Espe, Akjailyautas mountains, in the northern part of the mountain range of Tarbagatai, East Kazakhstan Region, Kazakhstan [5] and approved by the IMA in 2009 with the name of fluoroleakeite. The name was later changed to iron-fluoro-leakeite in its review of the amphibole nomenclature of 2012 (IMA 2012) following the redefinition of leakeite.The formula is NaNa2 (Mg2Fe3 + 2Li) Si8O22F2 hardness 6.

It comes from Norra Karr Alkaline Pegmatite field,Granna,Jonkoping,Smaland,Sveden.

Size:9.3x7x5 mm.

Weight:1.71 ct.



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