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Eudyalite 2.48 ct.



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Eudyalite 2.48 ct.

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Sodium Calcium Cerium Iron Manganese Zirconium Silicate Hydroxide Chloride with formula Na4(Ca, Ce, Fe, Mn)2ZrSi6O17(OH, Cl)2 and hardness 5-5.5.

A very interesting and unusual mineral with rare elements such as Zirconium, Cerium and sometimes traces of Yttrium. Rarely found with a good crystal shape, often is in a massive form cracked or translucent.Nevertheless it’s attractive color makes a desirable gem for collectors.

This gem here is trasparent with many flaws and comes from Kipawa Alcalyne Complex, Villedieu Tow., Quebec, Canada

Size:10x8x6 mm.

Weight:2.48 ct.



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