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Ettringite 2.01 ct.



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225,00 €

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Ettringite 2.01 ct.

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Is a rare mineral with formula Ca6Al2(SO4)3(OH)12 - 26H2O , a Hydrated Calcium Aluminium Sulphate Hydroxide. The hardness is very low: 2-2.5 as well the specific gravity :1.7, much below the average .

It forms as a precipitate from hydrothermal solutions and is difficult to distinguish from Sturmanite. It is found on N’Chawning II Mine,Northern Cape, South Africa.

lower part of the stone is re- crystalized therefore it looks like a sugar. The color is a bright lemon yellow. A gem for collectors!

Size:10x10x4.5 mm.

Weight: 2.01 ct.



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