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Ethiopian welo opal ct.18.83



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Ethiopian welo opal ct.18.83

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Welo Ethiopian Opal Opal from Ethiopia is know since more than 10 year ago, and also famous for instability, almost 90 % of that material would have cracked. Recently a new deposit has been discovered about 200 km north from Mezezo, the old location; this area is known as Tsehay Mewcha in Welo province. This opal comes from an ignimbrite-rhiolite deposit, therefore a volcanic environment, totally different from the sedimentary deposit of Australia. The good news is that this material is very stable, although can be reverse idrophane ( absorb and release water infinite times) there is little chance to cracks and most of the times in a short period of time after being cut. The quality is white with good play of color, often is crystal with strong rolling flashes and rarely also black. Today the price is lower compared with Australian quality, but I think the price will increase in the future because the demand is very high.This is a particular stone with a honeycomb structure, without fractures or matrix, it looks better in reality than in picture. A real beauty! Size:22.9x22x10 mm. Weight: 18.83 ct. CODE# 1962

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