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Endlichite ct.3.51



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Endlichite ct.3.51

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Endlichite Is a rare arsenic rich variety of Vanadinite with formula Pb((V,As)04)3Cl , a Lead Vanadate Arsenate Chloride; maybe a series solution between Vanadinite and Mimetite with higher Arsenic content replacing Vanadium. Endlichite is a rare secondary mineral formed through oxidation of primary lead minerals such as Galena. It precipitates from aqueous solutions in veins and cavities, along with other secondary lead minerals. The hardness is 2.5 from the Mohs scale. From Touissit, Oujda area, Morocco. For collectors! Size: 8.2x8.1x4.5 mm. Weight: 3.51 ct. CODE# 1729

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