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Davidite (La)-Carnotite 2.54 ct.



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Davidite (La)-Carnotite  2.54 ct.

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Davidite (La)-Carnotite

is a rare earth mineral with formula: La(Y,U)Fe2(Ti,Fe,Cr,V)18(O,OH,F)38, here is associated with minor yellowish carnotite from the type locality for this mineral; the yellow carnotite is a potassium uranium vanadate mineral with formula K2(UO2)2(VO4)2·3H2O.We must know that carnotite is an alteration of davidite.The hardness is 6 for davidite and 2 for carnotite.Both radioactive.

This interesting mineral comes from Radium Hill Mine,Olary Province; South Australia.

Size:6.8x9.4x5.1 mm.

Weight:2.54 ct.



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