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Cobaltocalcite 5.47 ct.



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Cobaltocalcite 5.47 ct.

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Cobaltocalcite -sphaerocobaltite

There is confusion among these two names ,but I believe is refer to the same specie of mineral: a calcite with considerable amount of Cobalt, responsible for it’s pink color . It is found as encrustations near cupper deposit often associated with fibrous malachite. The most productive area is Zaire,but this stone here comes from Perearma,Spain. Like any other soft stone is quite difficult to polish and the size range of the stones in the market are usually small. The hardness is 4.The formula is

(Co,Ca)Co3 . Some authors refer as sphaerocobaltite when the color is quite deep.

The appearance is always milky or better say silky with small fractures.

Size :16x11.5x4.5 mm.

Weight:5.47 ct.



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