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Meierite 2.35 ct.



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Meierite 2.35 ct.

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a new mineral discovered in 2012 and approved by IMA in the 2014.The formula of this rare mineral is Ba44Si66Al30O192Cl25(OH)33 .

Pale blue crystal aggregates of 2 mm very rich with Hedenbergite,Gillespite,Taramellite,Edingtonite,Quartz and other.

From Gun Claim,4 Km S/e of Wilson Lake,16 Km s/e of Mnt.Itsi,155 Km n/e of Ross River,Yukon Territory,Canada.

An exotic stone,new,never cut before.

Size: 7.8x7.8x5.1 mm.

Weight: 2.35 ct.



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