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Sale Molybdenite 6.67 ct.

Molybdenite 6.67 ct.



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Molybdenite  6.67 ct.

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is a molybdenum disulfide with formula MoS2 and hardness of 1-1.5.

Similar to graphite with a metallic luster; it is made by layers of molybdenum atoms between sheets of sulfur atoms, the result is a greasy slippage as wells as cleavage planes.

Hence the cutting is a real challenge, you will not find anywhere in the market facet gems!

It comes from Mina Jardinera No. 1 ,Inca de Oro,II Region,Atacama Desert,Chile.

Size: 10.7x10.5x6.5 mm.

Weight: 6.67 ct.


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