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Tremolite 0.44 ct.



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Tremolite 0.44 ct.

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Is a Calcium Magnesium Sicate Hydroxide with formula:Ca2(Mg, Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2.

Hardness is 5-6.

The name comes from Tremola Valley, in St. Gottardo, Switzerland.

Tremolite belong to the series with Actinolite and Ferro-Actinolite, and when is pure ( like in this case) without Iron, the color is white. In other case when Iron is contained the color will be greenish to dark green.

A fibrous mineral difficult to cut due to the splintery structure.

This attractive green tremolite comes from Merelani Hills, Tanzania .

Size: 5x6.2x2 mm.

Weight: 0.44 ct.



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