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Sale Petzite -sylvanite 2.32 ct.

Petzite -sylvanite 2.32 ct.



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Petzite -sylvanite 2.32 ct.

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Is a rare gold telluride with formula Ag3AuTe2 and hardness of 2.5-3. It contain tellurium and gold;the color is steel-gray to iron-black, commonly tarnished from bronze-yellow to sooty black;

here is associated with the other rare telluride Sylvanite with formula (Ag,Au)Te2 and hardness 1.5-2.

Sylvanite is sensitive to the light,therefore may tarnish if expose to light for a long period.Both these rare mineral have a metallic appearance with grey-black look and are mixed into a black matrix. A real exotic stone!

It comes from Mayflower Mine,Montana,USA.

Size: 8.5x8.5x4.7 mm.

Weight: 2.32 ct.



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