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Vorobyevite gem+crystal 0.34 ct.



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Vorobyevite  gem+crystal  0.34 ct.

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is a recently discovered beryl containing Cesium as impurity with formula Be3Al2(Si6O18) .

There is debate regarding Pezzottaite vs Vorobyevite and choromophores , Cesium cannot be responsible for any colors, instead the bluish color of Vorobyevite is due to iron traces,as far as I know.This question remain open and more studies need to be done in order to find out the true. Nevertheless is a quite rare and interesting gem material; only small stones can be cut and often cloudy or included with parallel tubes-like with sometimes cat's eye effect.

It comes from Badakshan Province,Afghanistan and here is offered together with a natural crystal.

Size of gem: 5x5x2.7 mm.

Weight of gem: 0.34 ct.

size of crystal 7x9 mm.
weight of crystal: 2.28 ct.

CODE# 5029


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