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Fluoro-edenite 1.20 ct.



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Fluoro-edenite  1.20 ct.

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The fluoro-edenite is a mineral, an amphibole classified according to the revision of the nomenclature of the supergroup amphibole of 2012 (IMA 2012) as belonging to the subgroup of amphibole calcium.

The fluoro-edenite is similar all'edenite with fluoro in place of hydroxyl group ((OH) -).

A sample of this mineral with a composition close to that ideal, was discovered in 1997 near Biancavilla (mine Mount Calvary), the province of Catania, Sicily in Italy in the volcan Etna and approved by the IMA.

In literature they had previously been reported in Japan and described samples corresponding to the definition of fluoro-edenite but had not been subjected to IMA approval as a new species also was known as synthetic product.

Here we have green transparent glassy prismatic crystals on white Calcite matrix

The formula is NaCa2Mg5(Si7Al)O22F2 and hardness 5-6

It comes from Limberg Quarry,Pargas,Turku,Southwestern Finland Region/ Finland.

Size:6.4x6.4x4.4 mm.

Weight:1.20 ct.


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