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Bertossaite 1.05 ct.



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Bertossaite  1.05 ct.

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Is a complex Lithium mineral with Calcium,Aluminium and Phosphorous with formula Li2CaAl4(PO4)4(OH)4 and hardness of 6. The color is white and is associated with Burangaite ,another phosphate with formula

(Na,Ca)2(Fe++,Mg)2Al10(PO4)8(OH,O)12•4(H2O) small crystals pale blue .

In small percentage and traces are also present :Scorzalite,Gormannite,Augelite,Trolleite.

It comes form Buranga Pegmatite,Gatumba,Giseny Prov. Rwanda.

Size: 6.4x6.4x4.4 mm.

Weight: 1.05 ct.


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