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Holmquisite 2.78 ct.



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Holmquisite  2.78 ct.

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Is a Lithium-Glaucophane with formula ☐{Li 2}{Mg3Al2}(Si8O22)(OH)2 and hardness of 5.5.

Holmquisite is a member of the Amphibole Group - named after Johan Holmquist (1866-1946) a Swedish petrologist.  This gem here comes from a type location: Utö Mines, Utö Island, Nynäshamm, Södermanland / Sweden / TYP; this uncommon Lithium-Mg-Al-Silicate occurs as black long prismatic crystals , very rich in a dark green Skarn matrix.

Size:8.9x8.9x6.2 mm.

Weight:2.78 ct.



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