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Coquimbite 2.15 ct.



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Coquimbite  2.15 ct.

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Is a hydrate ferric sulfate with formula  Fe2(SO4)3•9H2O and hardness of 2.5.

Is a very sensitive, brittle and soft mineral that can deteriorate if exposed for long time in a dry atmosphere.Soluble in water,therefore in addition with it's low hardness is extremely difficult to cut and polish, therefore the surface may not reach a high lustre and quite often some little cavities may be seen of the surface.

In minor parts is associated with other mineral ,such as copiapite,romerite,chalcantite,metavoltite,alunogeno and halotrichite.The coqiuimbite is mauve-purple color,while metavoltite is brown,romerite yellow and halotrichite has whitish fibers look.

It comes from Javier Mine (Javier Ortega Mine),Ayacucho Department,Lucanas Province.Hua-huas (Huacuas ) Peru.

An off-limit stones to be facet, rarely seen in the market.Must be handle with good care.

Size: 12.5x7.4x5.9 mm.

Weight: 2.15 ct.



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